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Penrose Report Delayed

Maria McCann, Secretary to the Penrose Inquiry has posted a statement on the Inquiry website announcing that the publication of their Final Report will be delayed.

The statement reads,

“On behalf of Lord Penrose, I regret to announce that the intended publication date for the Final Report of March 2014 will not be possible. This date was subject to the time required for the warning letters process and this process is taking longer than expected. Lord Penrose has also suffered a recent family bereavement which has inevitably impacted on the planned timetable. Lord Penrose appreciates that the delay will cause dismay to many with an interest in the Inquiry. Despite his difficult personal circumstances, Lord Penrose remains committed to publishing his Final Report as soon as possible. An update on progress will be posted on this website in February 2014.”

We are extremely disappointed about the delay but the our community well understands the impact a family bereavement can have. We hope that this delay will be as short as possible and that a firm date of publication can be announced soon.  We are anxious to see all the hard work that has gone into the Inquiry process producing practical changes for the benefit of all families affected by these infections.  The Inquiry team have assured us that this is not an indefinite delay and that they are working hard to keep it to a minimum.

The delay has been reported in the Scottish media:

The Herald
The Scotsman

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