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Petra speaks out about the importance of patient activism

In this new video our friend, Petra, from the Hepatitis C Trust explains the power of patient activism.  Some of you might know Petra, especially from the joint reception we ran with her last year in the Scottish Parliament.  She is a tireless campaigner for everyone affected by Hepatitis C in Scotland.

Although Petra is mainly talking about ways that people affected by Hepatitis C can get involved the principles she is talking about apply just as much to bleeding disorders.

…I’d read things and go “that’s terrible, somebody needs to go and do something about that”.  It was a slow realisation for me that well actually I could do something about that.” Petra

You can find out more about Petra and her work on the Hepatitis C Trust website. If you’d like to get more involved in being a patient activist for bleeding disorders please contact Dan on 0131 524 7286 or email

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