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Planned Relocation of the Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre within the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are planning to relocate the Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre within the Glasgow Royal Infirmary to the first floor of the St. Mungo’s Building.

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To help with the relocation, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have established a Patient Engagement Group made up of patients, carers and their representatives. The Group will advise the Service on how we communicate information about the move to you and more importantly help maximise any potential improvements to the patient and carer experience that the move might offer.

The group met for the first time on 14th January 2019. If you would like join the Group or be kept informed about the plans then please contact Myra Campbell, Clinical Service Manager. Email: / Phone: 0141 301 7315.

A summary of the first meeting on the 14th of January can be found below:

  • The Group is a joint group between patients/carers and clinical and management staff with the main aim of maximising improvement to the patient and care experience from the planned move.
  • Detailed terms of reference have been jointly agreed. Meetings will be open to all patients/carers who wish to attend whether or not they agree in principle to the centre moving.
  • Patients have been invited to participate in an equality impact
    assessment to measure how accessible the new facility will be. This will follow a standard procedure adopted by the health board.
  • Patient representatives have expressed concern over a number of issues including the accessibility of the building. Management have undertaken to look at including in the design disabled (blue badge) bays and a drop off zone.
  • The design team are also looking at ways of making the access to the building through a series of doors more user friendly.
  • Concerns were raised and discussed about paper case notes storage and security. This requires further discussion.

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