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Prime Minister pledges post-penrose action at PMQs

Alistair Burt MP has been working hard with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood for a fairer settlement for those affected by the disaster.

Today he used Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs) to ask David Cameron to make a commitment to act one the Penrose Report is published.

In his answer the Prime Minister admits that he isn’t sure that the action that the Government will be able to take will ever fully those who want this wrong to be be righted.  However, he went on to pledge that,

That as a wealthy and successful country we should be helping these people more.  We will help these people more…  If I’m standing hear after the next election then it will be done.

The Herald newspaper has covered this story and you can view it on their website.

With thanks to Tainted Blood for posting the relevant clip to their YouTube Channel.

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