Psychological support for families, partners and carers of those who received infected blood products

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Further to our post on the new Psychological Support Service in Edinburgh, we would like highlight that this support service is open to families, partners and carers of those who received infected blood products.

Alongside the physical and emotional demands for the people who received infected blood products, great demands were placed upon their loved ones. Some people became deeply involved in caring for their loved one’s physically and emotionally, which can be stressful.  The Psychological Support Service, based in the Edinburgh Haemophilia Centre, can provide space to explore your feelings about this or help with stress management techniques.

Sadly, many of those with haemophilia who received infected blood products have now died. Grief can affect us all in different ways. Some people describe feeling shocked, numb, exhausted, down or angry following the loss of a loved one. These emotions can feel overwhelming or difficult to manage and can impact upon your daily life.

You may find it useful to speak with somebody about your experience of supporting your loved one as they became more unwell or about your experience of grief. The Psychological Support Service,  based in the Edinburgh Hemophilia Centre, may be able to offer help and support. If you would like any further information about the service or are linked with the Edinburgh service and would like to arrange an appointment with us, please call us at the Edinburgh centre on 0131 242 1270

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The Edinburgh Bleeding Disorders Psychological Support Service

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