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Saying goodbye to Yorkhill

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It’s only a few days now before the big move from Yorkhill to the Southern General on the 10 June. Lots of families have been making their final visit and saying goodbye to the old place.

We asked Kerry to tell us a bit about what Yorkhill has meant to her.

We’ve been attending Yorkhill for just over 3 years! At one point we were attending 3 times a week for about 7 months! Our first visit was being admitted with a bad head bump and from the minute we arrived we felt safe and knew Rory would be looked after! We weren’t wrong!

The care we’ve received from Dr Chalmers, Aileen, Ruth and the rest of the Schiehallion Gang has been excellent and although we were sad to leave yesterday, we are so glad it’s just a new hospital and not a new team looking after us! The new hospital looks great for the kids and Rory already is looking forward to going the first time(we took him yesterday to see it and he liked the bright colours on the building)!

I have friends who also attend/have attended Yorkhill for various reasons with their kids and they all only have good things to say! What can we say… It’s an institution!!

Not to be outdone, Kerry and Dan’s son, Rory had a list of his favorite things about Yorkhill too.  He says that the best things are…

  • Factor!!!! (Kerry didn’t see that one coming)

  • Seeing Aileen and Ruth

  • The waiting room (Kerry thinks that the PlayStation may have something to do with that)

  • The park at the main entrance

  • Egg sandwiches from the café

  • Playing on the mountain(the ramp as you come into Schiehallion day care)

Alison told us that she’s had a tear in her eye for her last visit with her family too.

It was emotional as since Ollie’s diagnosis in Aug 2012 it’s been like a second home to us. it’s sad that we won’t be back in Yorkhill ever! It’s been a huge part of our lives.

Kerry admitted to some tears too.

We’ve had lots of tears and LOTS of laughs and met many new friends over the last 3 years.
You never want your child to have to attend hospital but we’ve always felt lucky it was Yorkhill he was referred to! A very special place for us and always will be!

Tricia got in touch to say,

it’s been my 2nd home for almost 8 years. Myself and Lucas would like to thank Dr Chambers, Aileen, Karen, Ruth and Granny Pat for all their hard work, Looking forward to seeing the new ward.

If you’ve got photos or memories of Yorkhill that you’d like to share please email Dan at and we’ll add them to the page.

At least the new hospital looks fun too.
At least the new hospital looks fun too.

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