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Scottish Government consultation on Disability assistance in Scotland opens

Responsibility for several benefit payments are being devolved from the UK Government to the Scottish Government.

As part of that process, the Scottish Government have launched a consultation to seeks the views of people with lived experience of benefits.

The new Social Security Scotland benefits will be called,

  • Disability Assistance for Children and Young People (DACYP)
  • Disability Assistance for Working-Age People (DAWAP)
  • Disability Assistance for Older People (DAOP)

and they will replace the current DWP administered benefits,

This is a rare opportunity for the people who will rely on the payments to have a say in how the new system will operate.  Although it is quite a long consultation questionnaire, you don’t have to fill it all in.  It is more important that you respond to the questions where you have something to say.

Once you’ve completed the consultation, please let us know if there are any points you think are particularly important from a bleeding disorders point of view so we can make sure we include them in our response too.


  1. Long Questionnaire!!
    People just won’t bother.
    Especially so the people you need to connect with, they will not be able to face a

    1. We weren’t involved in developing the questionnaire Mable. We were just letting people know it was there.

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