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Scottish Govt. will implement Scottish Contaminated Blood Support recommendations

Scots Health Secretary promises action on NHS infected blood scandal
26 Mar 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK — Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 26th March 2015 — Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health Shona Robison makes a ministerial statement in the Scottish Parliament after the publication of the Penrose Inquiry on the contaminated blood scandal. — Scottish Health Secretary Shona Robison in a ministerial statement on the Penrose Inquiry into NHS patients being infected with Hepatitis C and HIV through contaminated blood in the 70s and 80s, has promised continued support for victims. — Image by © Ken Jack/Demotix/Corbis

The Scottish Government has just announced that it has accepted the key financial recommendations of the independent Financial Review group at an estimated cost of £20million.

The recommendations were co-developed as part of a Scottish review process.  Details of that process and the recommendations made by the group can are available here.

Responding to the news our Chair, Bill Wright, has said,

This announcement is a watershed moment for everyone involved in this long running campaign. There are three key elements of the announcement which are particularly welcome.

Bill takes a standFirstly, the increase in ongoing support for those who are most unwell means that we can have some confidence that they will no longer be living in poverty as a result of their infections.

Secondly, introducing pensions for widows and widowers is an important recognition that they suffered losses in their own right and that they should have a secure future.

Thirdly, the upfront payment of an additional £30,000 to all those who will not receive ongoing support goes some way towards recognising that everyone who has lived with these infections has suffered physically, mentally, or financially. We will be continuing to work very hard on their behalf to ensure that they benefit as much as possible from the new scheme and the review of the debilitating physical and mental health conditions they have developed.

No scheme can truly make up for the loss of life, and health, caused by this disaster. The Cabinet Secretary has acknowledged that there is more that to be done once these schemes move to Scotland. However, today, we have made historic progress.

This new, Scottish, approach stands in stark contrast to the deeply concerning proposals currently being consulted on for the rest of the UK.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to making this very real progress in Scotland.

We appreciate that a lot of people reading this news today will be from other parts of the UK.  You can find out more about the English led review and campaign responses to it at these website.


  1. Thank you to all involved for all your hard work and determination to bring this day about. We really appreciate all you have done.
    Special thanks to Bill Wright, Bruce Norval and Dan Farthing
    Lorna Rusling and family

    1. The above post should read with thanks from Lorna Rusling and family
      Not meant to seem that I had assisted in any way.


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