Scottish Home Delivery Contract Renewal Time


The contract to deliver clotting factor products and their associated ancillaries in Scotland is currently held by BUPA Home Healthcare.  Our members tell us that they are very satisfied with the service they have been receiving and particularly value the personal relationships they have built up.

However, periodically contracts like this come to an end and other companies have the opportunity to bid for the work. The current contract has been in place for almost four years. There is nothing to stop BUPA Home Healthcare successfully bidding for the work but they are likely to face competition from other companies.

Dan Farthing-Sykes
Dan Farthing-Sykes

National Procurement have now started work to put the next contract in place.  Yesterday, Haemophilia Scotland CEO, Dan Farthing-Sykes attended a meeting with National Procurement and representatives of both the East and West Coast Haemophilia Services, as well as National Services Division.

Everyone was united it their ambition to make sure that the high levels of satisfaction and service were maintained.  The Glasgow and Edinburgh Centers have already done a lot of work to make sure that lessons learnt from previous tenders were included right from the start.  We are particularly grateful to them for the time they have spent on this.

Haemophilia Scotland members have already been thinking about what parts of the current contract they particularly valued and would like to see continue.  These include,

  • Being able to deliver to more than one address.
  • Being proactively calling by the company the week before a delivery.
  • Being able to respond quickly and make unscheduled delivers.
  • Experience in long terms conditions medicines delivery.
  • Experience of cold chain deliver.
  • Good customer feedback from previous and similar contracts.
  • Creating a patient friendly and responsive service.
  • That the orders are correct and complete, including ancillaries.

Overall, our members tell us that they value a personal and flexible service.  It is very helpful being able to talk to the same person every time they call.  That way it is much easier to sort out any issues quickly. They also valued having friendly and professional drivers.

If there is anything you value about how the home delivery contract works that isn’t listed above then please contact Dan on or 0131 524 7286.  The people who understand this home delivery services best are people who are on home delivery.  We need your help to make sure that you get the service you need.


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