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Scottish Recommendations on Contaminated Blood finances must be implemented

Recommendations Report

Today, the Contaminated Blood: Scottish Financial Support Review Group formally submitted its Conclusions and Recommendations  to Shona Robinson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing, and Sport.

Commenting on behalf of the Haemophilia Scotland our Chair, Bill Wright, said,

The report, produced by patient representatives working with government, marks a major milestone. After decades of loss, pain, illness and grief, we are finally making significant progress in Scotland, in contrast to the rest of the UK, where no extra money is yet on offer. While discussions were at times tense, the result is all affected should soon be significantly better off financially.

“Those left with life threatening conditions or widow/ers are those who have been most impacted. Urgency is needed to ensure they are not delayed. People must benefit from the proposed new arrangements before there are further deaths. Patient reps, government and clinicians now need to get onto working through how the new Scottish scheme can maximize all possible benefits to all individuals affected.

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