Self-Management Project


The Haemophilia Scotland Self-Management Project aims to ensure that people affected by haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders are fully supported in self-managing their condition, enabling you to develop an improved quality of life.

Outreach and Information provision

  • Exercise regimens established by a physiotherapist
  • Support purchasing any fitness equipment required to do the physio-endorsed exercise regimen. E.g. dumbbells, exercise mat, exercycle etc.
  • Pain management clinics and workshops with practical take-home activities and exercises to manage pain.
  • Opportunities to learn about pain and how you can conceptualise it.
  • Production of a pack of materials with information on healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness, dentistry, pain management, travel, school, career choices.


  • Attend the events.
  • Complete all monitoring and evaluation requests from us. This is essential.
  • Consult with your Centre about any exercise regimens established by the physiotherapist before you try any of their techniques.


You can be a champion! For each main health board area, we aim to equip a member as a point-of-contact to share what services and support are available in the area.

Project Steering Group

You can feed back into this project and have your say on the shape of it by being a part of the Project Steering Group.

Focus Group

We’ll run focus groups with facilitated discussions on support needs, online and offline, including workshops with practical take-home exercises such as mindfulness.

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