Some Scottish patients to be asked to switch products following tender process

The Clotting Factor Tender is conducted by e-auction
The Clotting Factor Tender is conducted by e-auction

Scotland has control over which clotting factor products are bought and used north of the boarder, however, in recent years has taken part in a UK-wide tendering process. By buying in larger quantities the price can be kept as low as possible which is good value for money for Scotland. Only the best products are eligible to take part in the tender process so that the quality is kept high.

The recent tender process has given Scotland some of the best prices for clotting factor in the world. However, to achieve these prices, some patients may be asked to change to a different Factor VIII product. Scottish Haemophilia Centres are currently working out which patients will be asked to consider changing products and will be offering training on the new reconstitution device where it is needed. If this affects you then you will hear from your Haemophilia Centre soon but if you have any questions you should feel free to contact them now.

The new arrangements will be up and running from 1st April.

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