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Still time to help shape the new benefits system for Scotland

The benefits system in Scotland is changing. A number of benefits are being devolved to the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government has created a new public service, Social Security Scotland, to administer benefits. Once fully operational, it will deliver benefits to 1.4 million people and provide £3.5 billion in payments every year.

These benefits will include a number of payments previously offered through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), including Disability Assistance, as well as brand new benefits such as a Young Carer’s Grant.

The Scottish Government will gradually introduce the benefits that they are creating, including the ones that will replace DWP benefits in Scotland. They will initially open for new applicants, where you are required to apply for a benefit, and over time they will work with the DWP to transfer people to the new Scottish system.

Over half a million cases will transfer. With the DWP’s co-operation, the Scottish Government expects the majority of people to be transferred to its new system by 2023, and all cases fully transferred in 2024.

If you are currently receive benefits from the DWP you do not need to do anything to prepare for the new Scottish system right now.  The Scottish Government is working with the DWP to make sure that they keep people up to date when more detail becomes available.

If you do have questions, the Scottish Government has created a question and answer document that may provide the information you are looking for. This can be found here.

Something that you can do now is give the Scottish Government your views on what you would like Disability Assistance in Scotland to look like. The Scottish Government is currently running a consultation on Disability Assistance in Scotland to get thoughts and ideas on what this assistance will look and how it can be delivered in Scotland. It closes on 28 May 2019 so there is still time to have your say.

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