Online Bleeding Disorder Communities

All members of Haemophilia Scotland get access to our closed and secret Facebook Group.  This is a place where people can exchange ideas and ask questions without the risk of it appearing on their timeline or in their friends news feeds.  If you aren’t a member of the group but would like to be please email

There are lots of other communities online for people affected by bleeding disorders.  None of the list below are operated or moderated by Haemophilia Scotland and we cannot take responsibility for their content.  However, we know some of our members have found them useful.


The Inhibitor Group
A global group for people affected by bleeding disorders and inhibitors.

Young People

Thousands of young people have blood that doesn’t clot properly. This can make life more of a challenge. SixVibe is here to help people help each other by sharing experience and tips. It is a social network, an information source and a place to hang out online.

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