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Steven Gladstone is one of our mentors.  In this video he explains why he got involved and what the benefits of mentoring are for families with a bleeding disorder.

Haemophilia Scotland pioneered parent mentoring in October 2013. This programme was created as a result of identifying a lack of peer support for families in Scotland.

When it comes to managing the condition, we believe that experienced parents can offer informal support to newer families by sharing experiences and offering encouragement. We hope to provide a warm, welcoming inclusive bleeding disorder community to reduce isolation and increase awareness and confidence of managing the condition.

Some of the main issues that families have highlighted as emotionally challenging are: feelings of parental guilt, sibling separation anxiety, identifying bleeds, managing crisis, anxiety round prophylaxis’s and self infusion, and managing child developmental transitions such as going to nursery, and school.

Our mentors have experienced and continue to experience some these issues and want to tell others that they are not alone and that they can deal with any situation that occurs.

Parent mentoring is for all parents and many mentors have discussed learning helpful tips from the families they are connected with. This programme places emphasis on sharing experiences and developing friendships for parents and for children. A successful outcome of this programme would see different families connecting with one another, meeting for social events and increasing awareness and confidence.

We want to offer a parenting mentoring package that is bespoke for your children and family, giving you the tools and support you need to manage the condition effectively and anxiety free. We now have trained parent mentors working as part of our team and we will endeavour to connect families to the appropriate mentor.  Our mentors have a range of experiences and are motivated to meet other families.

Or if you require further information please contact:

[(]               0792 609 6743


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