Steven Gladstone

Steven has a wealth of experience of raising a son with Haemophilia
Steven has a wealth of experience of raising a son with Haemophilia

Hi my name is Steven. I have 27 years knowledge and experience of being a parent of a child living with Haemophilia.

Approximately 17 of these years I became an active member in The Haemophilia Society (UK) in my parenting role, where I was offered support for my son and I too offered support to Haemophilia families… In fact my son still receives support.

I now wish to return that support through parent mentoring by sharing my experiences with other families on a one to one basis and I believe that my knowledge of bringing up a child with Haemophilia could be useful to share with other families. I want families to know that my son is now leading a normal life in London and has travelled the world.

As part of my experiences within the Haemophilia community I have spoken many times at UK Haemophilia Society or Scottish Haemophilia Group meetings. I have written articles on Haemophilia care and issued copies of leaflets for parents in Schools and Youth Clubs. I have met with individual parents in their homes or over the phone to discuss many aspects of Haemophilia parenting.

I would like to continue to use some of my time offering a support service to others and reconnect with Haemophilia care and support to families across Scotland.

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