Older Adults with a bleeding disorder

The knee of someone with Haemophilia
The knee of someone with Haemophilia

Now you know you aren’t old at 50 and we know you aren’t old at 50.  However, the truth is that people as young as 50 years old with a bleeding disorder can start facing some of the same issues usually associated with much older people. Often this is directly related to joint damage, chronic pain and reduced mobility but sometimes it can be more subtle problems like having to manage being a patient of many different specialist services.

Older Adults with bleeding disorders is Scotland are often still suffering from treatment with contaminated blood products.  We have members all over Scotland who are living with Hepatitis C and HIV, as well as many who struggle with ongoing damage done from treatment involving interferon.

We have applied for funding to hold a meeting in the Spring of 2015 to give everyone a chance to get together.  If successful we will look at to some of the issues around chronic pain as well as taking a more detailed look at the new, inteferon-free, treatments for Hepatitis C.  We also hope to be in a position to discuss the Penrose Inquiry and the Scottish and Westminster Governments’ responses to it.  If you would be interested in a meeting like this please fill in the short form below and we will keep you informed of our progress.

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