Register for the Quilt Project

The Women’s Group have launched a collaborative quilt project which offers you an exciting opportunity to make a personal or group contribution.

Muster a group together and do a shared panel, or do one of your own. Let your creative juices flow! It is your panel so make sure it represents how you feel. Your contribution will form part of a uniquely-designed quilt representing the Women with Bleeding Disorders community.

Participation is open to women affected by a bleeding disorder, or anyone who knows a woman with a bleeding disorder. We welcome participation from Scotland and from our international community.

Please register below to take part in this fun and special project. Registration closes October 31. November 17.

The deadline for completion of your panel is January 31, 2018.




  • We will need you to contribute either a panel and/or fabric of the same size. The quilt will be made out of 12 inch/30cm panels (with 1 inch/3cm border) created by you and our friends from around the world. Get creative with the panel – we want it to reflect you and your experience. Please do not quilt it as it will get quilted once all the panels are pieced together. The fabric will be used for the back of the quilt and for the edge trim.
  • We would like you to write a little about yourself or your group, what country you’re from and the ideas behind your square. Feel free to submit a photo, too!
  • The centrepiece of the quilt will be made in Scotland. It will be a tree, symbolising family, life, lifeblood and community. The branches would be like veins, and the fabric used will be from all around the world, symbolising the connectedness of the community and family.