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Teens seas the opportunity for trip-of-a-lifetime.

Our teens recently returned from the trip-of-a-lifetime when they went sailing with Tall Ships along the south coast of England.

We were from all over, with teens coming from the central belt and as far away as the Shetland Islands and Belfast!

On July 29th, we flew from Glasgow down to Southampton and set sail with Tall Ships from Portsmouth. Some of the teens were held up at security as their medication bags were inspected, so it was great practice and experience for them navigating travelling with a bleeding disorder.

Any initial inhibitions were quelled with the mantra of the week, which was to work together as a team. By the end of the week, friendships were formed, having worked hard and with plenty of opportunities to get to know one another – whether it be through working on deck with the sails or the ropes, preparing meals in the galley or cleaning the heads (toilets).

It was a phenomenal opportunity that helped facilitate the development of a strong support network amongst one another and equipped the teens with the confidence to face the transition to adulthood.

A ginormous thanks to the nurses on board, June Ward and Louise Forrest, our amazing volunteer Lawrence Lincoln and the team at Tall Ships for an incredible week.

Check out the below video for a snapshot of the week.

Our next event for teens is our Annual Go Karting Championship at Knockhill Racing Circuit on September 8th, between 10:30am-2:00pm. Don’t miss out! Register now!

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