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Thank you to all the fantastic Haemophilia Nurses in Scotland on International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day

Time and time again our members tell us about the amazing support they get from their nurses in Scotland’s Haemophilia Centres.

Many of our members talk about their Haemophilia Nurses as part of their family.  Time and time again the support from fantastic Haemophilia Nurses all over Scotland goes well above and beyond the call of duty.

We know that everyone who works in Scotland’s Haemophilia Centres deserve much more appreciation than they get. They deliver some of the best Haemophilia Services in the world.  Sadly, it’s in the nature of things that too often they only hear from us all when there are problems.  Well, we wanted to use International Nurses Day to redress the balance a bit.  So… all together now…

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  1. We are very lucky in Ninewells Dundee to have a great Haemophilia nurse by the name of June Ward, nothing is to much trouble at any time and goes well beyond her call of duty for her patients, myself and my brothers have always had a second to none service since June came to Ninewells in the early nineties. It was because of June joining the Haemophilia centre that the quality of care in Ninewells changed from a poor service to a great service in a matter of months and we can only thank her greatly for that.

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