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The Birchgrove Group interview Mark Simmons

The Birchgrove Group is a support group and platform for views for people with haemophilia, their wives and partners who were infected with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C through blood products in Great Britain.  There were 60 people in the Scottish bleeding disorders community who were infected with HIV in Scotland.  Today, just 21 are still alive.

Mark Simmons is a very well respected Haemophilia Social Worker who has been working with people with bleeding disorders and HIV since the very early days of the infections.  The Birchgrove Group has released this interview with Mark on their YouTube channel.  We are reposting it here that more people can have an opportunity to hear Marks views on how the HIV infections have impacted the bleeding disorders community in the UK.  It is particularly interesting to see how the Scottish process is viewed by affected people in England and hear the similarities in how the infection has affected people’s lives either side of the border.

If you have been a these issues and would like to discuss them, and you use the Edinburgh Haemophilia Centre, then you might like to contact the new Psychological Support Service.

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