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The DWP are reviewing Haemophilia PIP applications

If you have haemophilic arthritis and have made a PIP application then your case may be about to be reviewed. Your payments will not be reduced and may be increased.

There have been complaints that some people with inherited bleeding disorders and/or contaminated blood product infection had received low or no points when applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

In response, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been holding meetings with affected patients and reviewing some cases. This process discovered a systematic problem for people with haemarthropthy – the sever type of arthritis caused by bleeding into joints due to haemophilia.

To deal with the problem the DWP have decided to review all cases where the main disabling condition is haemophilia.

Some cases are already being reviewed. If you are one of the 410 people across the UK already identified then you will receive a letter telling you that your case has been reviewed and whether you payments will stay the same or increase. Where necessary you or your healthcare professional may be contacted for further information but there will be no face to face assessment.

If your PIP and related passported benefits payments are increased they will be backdated to the start of your PIP claim.

If you think this applies to you and you have not received a letter from the DWP by the 23rd July 2018 the please call the dedicated phone number to have your case reviewed. You can call straight away if you have questions, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

0800 121 4296

For full details read the DWPs
Haemarthropathy Exercise Information Note

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