The excitement builds for Sunday’s Zoo trip!


It is nearly time for our zoo trip on 19th Feb! We are really excited and are looking forward to seeing you all!

We have an amazing crowd signed up, so it is going to be a great chance to get to know each other and have a brilliant day out!

On arrival, we will have people at the ticket office waiting to meet and greet (just look for the Haemophilia Scotland umbrellas).  Once inside the zoo, we will be meeting from 12-1pm at the Mansion House inside the zoo. Here, you can sign in, drop your bags and go for a wander or chill out in the space.

From 1-2pm, we will be having a family-friendly buffet lunch in the Mansion House.

Then from 2-3pm, we will be paying the pandas a visit, then testing our bravery with some small animal handling sessions, including snakes and spiders. For the parents, there will be a special space to catch up and discuss what matters to you

3-4pm, will be your free time to wander – then at 4pm, we are back at Mansion House for Sandra’s quiz and the ice cream cart! 
We have parking at Mansion House ,and a map of how to get to the zoo (including public transport), can be found here:

We will have the Mansion House all day, and you can return at any point in the day to meet up or chill out. Our finish time will be around 5pm.

Entry, activities, lunch and refreshments are all free of charge, and we can help with travel costs. Please let us know on the day if you need an expenses claim form.

All areas and activities are fully accessible. Looks like a great day out!




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