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The Scotsman reports on the cost of the Penrose Inquiry

the scotsman

Today’s Scotsman newspaper has a story about the costs of the Penrose Inquiry (page 14).

A Freedom of Information request made by the paper has uncovered that by the time it reports the Penrose Inquiry is expected to have cost £11.7million.

Bruce Norval is quoted in the article saying “I have campaigned on this issue for years and I now just want a final response so I can get on with what is left of my life.”

Dan Farthing, our Senior Executive Officer, said: “It would have been inexcusable if Lord Penrose had cut corners to keep costs down. An inquiry on the cheap which answered none of the big questions would be worse than no inquiry at all.”

You can read the article in full on The Scotsman’s website.

The story is also picked up in the Comment piece (page 22).

NB The article states that Haemophilia Scotland campaigned for the Penrose Inquiry.  While many of our members were vociferous campaigners for a Public Inquiry, Haemophilia Scotland itself did not exist as an independent organisation until after the Inquiry had begun.  The Inquiry was secured largely through the tireless efforts of individual campaigners in Scotland. Philip Dolan, Bruce Norval, Robert & Alice Mackie, as well as Andy Gunn can claim the lion share of the credit along with many others.

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