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Time to text donate to Walk RED Malawi

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When we all arrived for Walk RED Malawi on Saturday morning the sky was grey, the wind was cold, and the café was shut!  However, as if by magic once we put on our stylish new t-shirt and posed for the group shot the clouds parted and the sun shone all day.

Everyone pitched in manoeuvring the bugs past the trickier bits and we were rewarded with a fantastic view of Bothwell Castle.  There was a lot of things to see; everything from ducks to cows to keep the younger members of the group entertained.

We found somewhere for lunch where Steven, our support driver for the day, could join us and all sat back in the sunshine to enjoy it before pushing on to Glasgow Green.

As well as all the fun and laughter there were some serious discussions as we went along.  It was really interesting to hear about how bleeding disorders have affected different people in Scotland.  We also though about what it must be like for those in Malawi who don’t have any treatment to deal with similar problems.  It was certainly a motivating thought whenever anyone felt like complaining of sore legs!   There was plenty of time to spare a thought for Mike Dorricott and everyone attending his funeral down south on the day too,

We’ve already raised hundreds of pounds towards our Malawi Project and are very grateful to everyone who has given already.  However, we know there are lots of people who’d like to contribute who haven’t had a chance to yet.  To make it as easy as possible we are making next month Malawi May.  All the money we raise through text donations until the end of May will go to the Malawi Project.

To donate £3 to the Malawi Project just text FACTOR to 70660

You can give more by adding an amount. For example texting FACTOR £10 to 70660 will donate ten pounds.

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