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Today is National Mentoring Day

Today we recognise the positive impact that the role of mentoring has. Within our community, there is a lot of informal mentoring that naturally goes on amongst each other. We’ve all sought advice or feedback at some point and have given it out to those who need it.

There is a richness of diversity in our community which is a strength. We have young and old, newly-diagnosed and not-so-newly-diagnosed. Collectively, we have the knowledge and experience that can be used to support one another.

Pairing Project

Recognising this wealth of experience that our members have, Haemophilia Scotland has recently launched a buddy programme for people affected by a bleeding disorder to connect you with support and information through mentoring-style pairing relationships.

We hope that your participation in this pairing project will improve your ability to self-manage your condition and open you up to improved access to emotional support and information. It differs from traditional mentoring where there is a “mentor” and “mentee”. The dynamics of the pairings for our project will be equal so you can support each other.

The outcomes we hope to achieve with the project are:

  • You will be better able to control the effects of your condition to be more physically active.
  • You will build your support network.
  • You will have increased access to the information you need to self-manage your condition.

It’s quick, easy and FREE to register for the Pairing Project.

>> Register now

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