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UK Government announce contaminated blood consultation delayed

Jane Ellison MP announces delay Dec 2015
Jane Ellison MP, 16 Dec 2015, announcing the start of the UK Govt. consultation has been delayed until January 2016.

Straight after Prime Minister’s Question Time today, Diana Johnson MP, Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood asked an Urgent Question about when the Department of Health (UK) will start its consultation on financial support arrangements.  The UK Government had previously promised to start this consultation before Christmas this year.

Jane Ellison MP, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health.  Responded by announcing that the Christmas deadline would not be met. She now intends to start a 12 week consultation in January.  She said that the delay was, in part, down to waiting for the results of the Comprehensive Spending Review although did not announce how much money had been allocated as a result of the review.

She made very little reference to the situation in Scotland in either her statement or the ensuing debate.  However, she did say that she expected to talk directly to her opposite number [Shona Robison MSP], and Ministers in other parts of the UK, once she had received her consultation report.  The Scottish Government is still committed to making a substantive announcement before World Haemophilia Day (17 April).

She was also asked to commit to the Scottish Government’s proposal to make a larger winter fuel payment this year and promised to respond to the Cabinet Secretary directly.

You can listen to Jane Ellison’s statement in full on  Just scroll down the list titled “Agenda” until you get to 12:37:16.

Meanwhile in Scotland, the Recommendations Report from the Contaminated Blood: Scottish Financial Review Group is expected any day now.

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