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UK Govt. issues its #ContaminatedBlood consultation response

English Consultation Response

The UK Government has just responded to their consultation on proposed changes to the contaminated blood financial support payments available to people who were infected in England. The proposals will affect at least 25 people living in Scotland who were infected in the rest of the UK.

The uncertainty around the English proposals is one of the issues which has slowing the progress of those negotiations. We hope that the announcement means that a deal to make the Scottish payments can now be signed as a matter of urgency.

Haemophilia Scotland are now analysing the English payments to see how they compare with those announced by the Scottish Government. We will comment in more detail in due course.  Initially, there appears the largest difference is in the treatment of widows.  The Scottish scheme will include a life-long pension for those who have lost a partner to the infections. The English scheme only includes a one off payment of £10,000.  Those with the most advanced health damage from Hepatitis C also appear to be much better off under the Scottish proposals.



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