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The European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) has put out a call for volunteers for two new committees.  Volunteers will be expected to start in January 2020 for three years (until end 2022).

The committees are: Women and Bleeding Disorders (WBD) Committee and the Inhibitor Working Group (IWG).

These committees have been established to create awareness, recognition, support and education about, and for, women with bleeding disorders and people with bleeding disorders suffering from inhibitors, respectively. These committees will help EHC develop strategies and activities to achieve these goals.

The ideal candidates will have prior experience either within their national member organisation or at an international level. They will also need to express their commitment to the activities of these committees for the entire duration of their mandate. The working language of these groups is English.

To apply candidates will need to submit their CVs, a letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation from the President of their affiliated National Member Organisation (NMO)* by 24 November 2019 midnight (CET). The applications will be reviewed by the EHC Steering Committee in early December and applicants should expect to be contacted by mid-December with final decisions on the selection process.

For any further information on these applications, please get in touch with Laura Savini regarding applications for the WBD Committee and Kristine Jansone for the IWG.

*Our friends at The Haemophilia Society are the National Member Organisations (NMO) of the EHC.  They are happy to support applications from Haemophilia Scotland members.  They would ask you to join them too, if you aren’t already a member.  It is important that you are happy to feedback ideas and learning to both charities to help us both improve our activities and services.


It is likely to be one person per NMO accepted, so any interested applicants will need to send their CV and letter of motivation to Liz Carroll at The Haemophilia Society ( who will then decide on the best application to put forward to the EHC.

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