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We’d like to hear from you

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you were able to make the most of what was a bit of an odd festive period.

Although we have started this year off in lockdown, we remain hopeful that the vaccine rollout is our light at the end of the tunnel. Saying that this time is a difficult time for many would be an understatement, as parents juggle childcare with working from home, we try to manage our health and feelings of anxiety or loneliness resurface.

Shortly, we will be making friendly calls to our membership to check in and see how we’re all doing. In advance of the call, it would be helpful if you thought of any gaps of information or support that you think would be helpful to better equip and support Scotland’s bleeding disorders community throughout this time and beyond.

We can only make calls to people who have opted in with their GDPR preferences to hear from us. If you’re not 100% sure you’ve consented to us phoning, please complete the below form just to be sure you receive a phone call from us.

Speak to you soon!

In completing the below form, you consent to Haemophilia Scotland updating your GDPR preferences so we can phone you in future.

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