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WFH Congress Melbourne – Resilience

Life with a bleeding disorder can bring many challenges. The more resilient someone with a bleeding disorder is the better equipped they are to deal with them. However, being resilient is a process and can be encouraged, especially through positive role models. Ultimately, though, resilience come from within. Experience of living with bleeding can even make some people more resilient in the rest of their life.

Understanding and accepting your condition is an important step. Need to accept that being normal for you includes having a bleeding disorder. It is part of who you are but it doesn’t define you or dictate what you decide to do with your life. Sometimes it is important to step back and look at the bigger picture; ask whether all the aspects of your life are in balance.

Tips for balancing your life
– Time Management
– Make time for yourself and family
– Be creative
– Make plans
– Eat well
– Take Exercise

The session also reported on an impressive range of psychosocial projects in the Australia states. Haemophilia Scotland will be evaluating many of these innovative programmes to see if they could benefit people in Scotland.

Haemophilia Scotland are very grateful to Baxter Healthcare UK for there generous support which enabled us to attend the WFH Congress in Melbourne.

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