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Women’s Quilt to be exhibited at Gallery of Modern Art in 2021.

Womens Quilt
The quilt exhibited at our Women’s Booth at the 2018 WFH Congress in Glasgow.

We have the exciting opportunity to have the women’s quilt exhibited over the course of 2 months in 2021 as part of the Gallery of Modern Art’s (GoMA) commitment to exhibit artwork from community groups.

The quilt will be the centrepiece of the exhibition, but to fill the gallery space, the Gallery will be running workshops once a month over 12 months in the lead up the launch of our exhibition. The content produced at these workshops will be exhibited alongside the quilt. You don’t need to have a square on the quilt to participate!

The workshop sessions are designed for families with females affected by a bleeding disorder, so please do bring your kids along. The Gallery will put on fun activities whilst you’re working on your exhibition piece.

In terms of timing, we have Sunday 22nd March, 11:00am-12:30pm at GoMA booked in for our first meeting. It’d be great to have as many of you there so we can have a coffee and chat about how you would like the exhibit to look and what kind of art you’d like to have exhibited.

You can register to attend the first workshop on the 22nd of March at this Eventbrite link:

Please register by the 1st of March.

Also, no worries if you can’t make it to every workshop as they will be running every 4 weeks, so if you miss one, you can go to another.

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