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World AIDS Day 2014

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Today (01.12.14) is World AIDS Day.  Haemophilia Scotland are remembering those we have lost to the virus and thinking of their families and friends.  We are also thinking of our members who fight the virus every day.  Our long term survivors and their loved ones are living every day with the impact of the contaminated blood disaster.

One of the most shocking aspects of the evidence heard by Lord Penrose during the oral hearings of the Penrose Inquiry was that even the number of people in Scotland infected with HIV as a result of contaminated blood and blood products isn’t known for certain.  The patient interest submission to the Inquiry on statistics details how the Inquiry has been given numbers ranging from 59 up to 87.  The submission concludes that 71 is the minimum number of HIV infections caused by the Scottish Contaminated Blood Disaster.  We believe that as few as 18 are still alive.

One of our hopes for the Penrose Inquiry Final Report when it comes is that it will reflect the immense impact these infections have had on families all over Scotland and finally produce an official figure for the number of people infected.

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