Youth-led Strategies for Engagement Workshop at EHC 2014

Two questions were asked the panel of six:
Question 1 – How do you involve youths on a youth committee?
Question 2 – What is youth appropriate communication?

The panelists had wide and opposing views on both questions. Comments were taken from the group from people who had experience of being involved in youth activities in their home countries Haemophilia association.
My conclusion is that youths should be involved on the Main committee and the way to engage people is to have events from cradle to grave. Those youths who came to Berlin with us (you know who are) amazingly are now engaged in either running events for younger people, working in an haemophilia related occupation or advocating on behalf of other by speaking in Parliament. At the time I would never have thought that would happen. I like what the Irish Haemophilia Society do – they offer Educational Grants and like the Godfather, they come looking for you later 🙂

Overwhelmingly the workshop felt Facebook was the way to engage with youth. However, privacy issues online is very important. That’s why we have a closed Haemophilia Scotland Members Group.

What do you think? How do we engage young people to be part of a committee? What is the most appropriate way to communicate with young people?


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