Haemophilia was the first bleeding disorder to be identified and it is also the most famous.  A lot of people know that Queen Victoria carried the gene for Haemophilia and that Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia, famously had the condition.

As the video (above) explains it has usually been seen as a condition that affects men.  However, these days it is widely recognised that many women who carry the affected gene have low clotting factor levels and can experience bleeding issues. So, women can have Haemophilia too.

There are three main types of Haemophilia. If you have Haemophilia A then you aren’t producing enough Factor VIII.  In Haemophilia B it is Factor FIX which is the problem.  People who don’t have enough Factor XI are sometime described as having Haemophilia C as well.

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Haemophilia A
Haemophilia B
Inheriting Haemophilia

NB Haemophilia C will be added soon.

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