There are times when the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder can be very isolating.  It often feels like no one else has been through it, and you have to do everything for yourself.  Despite the excellent advice offered by Scotland’s Haemophilia Centres, sometimes nothing helps as much as talking to someone who has had the same experience.  That is why we provide opportunities for people to come together from all across Scotland to exchange ideas, tips and concerns.

Events and Support Activities

We run events & support activities to bring all our community together, but also have group activities for:

Children and Families, Young Adults, Women & Older Adults

You can find out more here: Events & Support Activities

Parent links

However, we know that there are times when a more structured support can be needed. Initiatives like our Patient Links Project offer real help to young families when they need it most.

In this section

Events & Support Activities
Bleeding Disorder Ambassadors
Online Bleeding Disorder Communities
The Parent Mentoring Project
Real Life Stories

Why sit it out? For young people with haemophilia.

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