Psychological Support Service

Campaigning by the Haemophilia Scotland community for increased psychological support across Scotland resulted in funding being made available by the Scottish Government. After a successful 2 year pilot project in the Haemophilia Centre in Edinburgh, the benefits of additional psychological support to patients with inherited bleeding disorders and their families was demonstrated.  The project has subsequently received a new tranche of funding to continue the service.  The pilot has now been extended and is now available across Scotland.

Introducing Gráinne and Sarah


Gráinne and Sarah head up this new service, they can offer psychological  support and talking therapies to all patients with inherited bleeding disorders, young and older, and their families.

Some issues which might be discussed include:

  • Coping with having a bleeding disorder
  • Managing to give treatments
  • Coping with feelings (like feeling worried, scared, angry or sad)
  • Coping with pain
  • Managing fear about treatment, like fear of hospital or needles
  • Relationships with family, significant others or friends
  • Getting ready for going to college or moving on to adult services
  • Family-planning concerns
  • Sleep problems
  • Challenges associated with having received infected blood products.
  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one who received infected blood products

What have people been saying?

‘Seeing a psychologist is not scary or suspicious. I like to look at it like this: If myself, my husband or my children broke their leg, they would be seen by an Orthopaedic Doctor, who would assess them, find out what’s wrong and help mend the problem. A clinical psychologist, like Gráinne, will chat and find out what are your concerns, fears, emotional stresses and struggles. She will then talk over various techniques that may help, you will be taught how to use these techniques’

A final word

 ‘We will be working alongside Haemophilia Scotland in future events and hope to meet some of you then. We welcome any ideas, comments or suggestions of how to ensure the psychological support service is most beneficial to you and your family.  If you would like any further information about the service or are linked with the Edinburgh service and would like to arrange an appointment with us, please call us at the Edinburgh centre on 0131 242 1270.

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