Scottish Haemophilia Centres

We are extremely fortunate in Scotland to have some excellent treatment centres and are particularly grateful to all the Healthcare Professionals and Support Staff who routinely go above and beyond their role to provide very high levels of service to people affected by bleeding disorders in Scotland.

There are five Haemophilia Centres (HC).  Two of them are Comprehensive Care Centres (CCC) which means that they can offer the complete range of Haemophilia Services as set out by the United Kingdom Haemophilia Doctors Organisation (UKHCDO).  It is up you which Haemophilia Centre you are registered at and you can change Centre at any time.

Aberdeen (HC) – NHS Grampian Haemophilia Centre
Dundee (HC) – Dundee Haemophilia Centre
Edinburgh (CCC) – Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre
Glasgow Adults (Joint Glasgow CCC) – West of Scotland Adult Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre
Glasgow Children (Joint Glasgow CCC) – Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Inverness (HC) – Raigmore Haemophilia Centre

Scottish Haemophilia Centres

Scottish Haemophilia Centres


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