Infected Blood Inquiry

Key documents

Scottish Joint Position Statement (2017)
Scottish Joint Terms of Reference Submission (2018)

Haemophilia Scotland is a charity core participant of the Infected Blood Inquiry.  Along with our friends at the Scottish Infected Blood Forum and 250 individual core participants we are being represented at the Inquiry by Thompsons Solicitors Scotland.  This page will be updated with significant events as the Infected Blood Inquiry unfolds.

24-26 September 2018 – Preliminary Hearings in London
The Preliminary Hearings will be held at at Church House, Westminster, London.  The hearings will allow core participants (or their legal representatives) to make opening statements about the work of the Inquiry. There will be a commemoration on the morning of 24th September.

18 September – More organisations and legal firms announced
The category of charity core participants has been expanded to “Charities and incorporated non-profit organisations appointed as core participants” and Factor 8 – Independent Haemophilia Group and UK Thalassaemia Society have been added. Hudgell Solicitors have also been recognised by the Inquiry as representing four individual core participants.  There is now a total of 1,274 individual core participants, 7 charities and incorporated non-profit organisational core participants, and 8 organisational core participants.  There are 7 law firms representing affected people or their representative organisations.

3 August 2018 – Haemophilia Scotland is an organisational Core Participant 
Haemophilia Scotland was announced, along with our fellow Scottish campaigners the Scottish Infected Blood Forum (SIBF) as charitbale Core Participants of the Infected Blood Inquiry.  Both charities have appointed Thompsons Solicitors Scotland as legal representatives.  The Haemophilia Society and Haemophilia Wales have also announced they are charity Core Participants.  Haemophilia Northern Ireland was announced as a charity Core Participant a short time later. 

2 July 2018 – Terms of Reference announced
David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office, made a statement in the House of Commons Infected Blood Inquiry.  The Terms of Reference were made available on the Inquiry website.

3 May 2018 – Clarification issued by the Infected Blood Inquiry
The Inquiry clarified that it intended the Inquiry to cover infection through blood products and through blood transfusion.

27 April 2018 – Scottish submission to Terms of Reference consultation
Haemophilia Scotland, the Scottish Infected Blood Forum, and independent Scottish campaigners made a joint submission to the Infected Blood Inquiry consultation on Terms of Reference.  Read the submission.

3 March 2018 – Inquiry website launched and Terms of Reference consultation opened
The Inquiry website was launched at and affected people were asked to feed in their views about what issues should be included in the Terms of Reference.

8 February 2018 – Sir Brian Langstaff announced as Chair
Sir Brian Langstaff was announced as the Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry.

20 January 2018 – Joint Campaign Meeting
There was a joint meeting of Haemophilia Scotland and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum in Glasgow.

7 December 2017 – Campaigners meet with Cabinet Office minister, Rt. Hon Damian Green MP
Two meetings were held between The Rt Hon Damian Green MP, First Secretary of State, Cabinet Office and campaigners on the contaminated blood and blood products issue to discuss the upcoming Inquiry.  Haemophilia Scotland was represented by our Chair, Bill Wright.

6 November 2017 – Joint Scottish Position Statement Published
Haemophilia Scotland worked with independent campaigners and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum to produce a joint document detailing the issues which needed to be addressed by the newly announced Inquiry.

21 December 2017 – Cabinet Office statement
The Cabinet Office issued a statement saying that it would be a judge led statutory Inquiry and committing to consult with the devolved administrations. Haemophilia Scotland responded by stressing the importance of appointing a strong panel.

9 August 2017 – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Care and Mental Health, Jackie Doyle-Price MP, responds on behalf of the Prime Minister
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Care and Mental Health, Jackie Doyle-Price MP responded to the letter from the Chair of Haemophilia Scotland to the Prime Minister.  Read the response.

5 August 2017 – Cabinet Secretary of Health and Sport, Shona Robison MSP, responds to join letter on behalf of the First Minister
Cabinet Secretary of Health and Sport, Shona Robison MSP replied to join letter to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP about the upcoming Inquiry.  Read the response. 

25 July 2017 – Joint letter to First Minster, Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Haemophilia Scotland and the Scottish Infected Blood Forum wrote to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, about the UK Inquiry into contaminated blood and blood products.   Read the joint letter.

12 July 2017 – Chair writes to the Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Theresa May MP about her announcement of a Public Inquiry
Haemophilia Scotland responded immediately to the announcement of a UK Public Inquiry by writing to the Prime Minister.  Read the letter.

11 July 2017 – Inquiry Announced
The Infected Blood Inquiry was announced on the morning 11 July 2017 by Number 10 Downing Street.  It preempted a debate in the House of Commons on the issue of a Public Inquiry scheduled for that afternoon.  The prospect of the Government being defeated in a vote on the issue had been raised by a joint letter from all opposition parties, including the DUP on whom the Conservative Party was relying for a working majority in parliament.