National Services Division (NSD)

National Services Division (NDS) host regular meetings at their offices at the Gyle in Edinburgh

National Services Division (NDS) host regular meetings at their offices at the Gyle in Edinburgh

National Services Division (NSD) is part of NHS Scotland.  Strictly speaking it is a division within NHS National Services Scotland (NSS).

NSD receives top-sliced, ring-fenced funding from the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates (SGHSCD) to commission and performance manage nationally designated specialist services and screening programmes.  They use this money to ensure the provision of high quality, effective, specialist health and screening services to meet the needs of the population of Scotland.  Because Haemophilia Services are Specialist Services this makes them very important in the provision of Haemophilia treatment and care.


There are 14 regional Health Boards in Scotland and only 6 Haemophilia Centres.  It wouldn’t be fair if the costs of buying clotting factor products, which quite expensive, had to be met only by the Health Boards with a Haemophilia Centre.  To deal with this problem the Health Boards have all agreed to take part in a Risk Sharing Agreement for Recombinant Coagulant Factor Products – one of only four such arrangements in Scotland.

Figure 1 – How much do the regional Health Boards pay into the Haemophilia Risk Sharing Agreement for clotting factor products?

NHS Board Recombinant and Commercial Factor Concentrates Usage 2011/12 (£s)
Ayrshire & Arran 1,309,694
Borders 482,772
Dumfries & Galloway 426,907
Fife 1,391,636
Forth Valley 918,780
Grampian 2,645,444
Greater Glasgow & Clyde 7,136,957
Highland 2,805,679
Lanarkshire 986,294
Lothian 5,724,677
Orkney 1,808
Shetland 237,835
Tayside 2,539,221
Western Isles 62,472

NSD also hosts the Scottish Inherited Bleeding Disorders Network which facilitates everyone working together to drive improvements in care.

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