Chronic Pain

One of the most significant problems faced by people with bleeding disorders is pain.

Bleeds are extremely painful.  Once joints are damaged pain can become constant and chronic. It is incredibly hard to live normally with chronic pain.  Lots of people contact Haemophilia Scotland to try and understand their pain better and find ways of coping.  In particular, many people want to find techniques, other than drugs, which can help.

The role of the mind

In 2014 we sent a delegation to the World Federation of Hemophilia Congress.  At the Multidisciplinary Management of Chronic Pain Session we heard from David Butler about the relationship between the mind and chronic pain.  The video below is by Lorimer Moseley, a colleague of David Butler, and he explains the same theories.  It doesn’t have any quick fixes but it does help to explain why how chronic pain works.


Mirror Box Therapy

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