From 1st April 2023, we will see some phased changes in the role of trustees within Haemophilia Scotland. 

Bill Wright has been Chair of Haemophilia Scotland since its inception in 2012 and has been the driving force behind our representation at the Infected Blood Inquiry and the former Penrose Inquiry.  Commencing in April, Bill will gradually step back from the role of Chair and for a time will work with John Dearden (our current Treasurer) as Co-Chairs sharing responsibilities between them. 

Bill will continue to lead on our response to the Infected Blood Inquiry and be our spokesperson on this.  That way we will retain Bill’s considerable knowledge and experience on an issue of immense importance to our members.

The Treasurers role will be taken on by Thomas Lorenz who comes with a fresh outlook to the board of trustees and from a formidable business background. Thomas will also be the lead in drawing up the charity’s new strategic plan.

Reflecting on over ten years as chair, Bill Wright says: –

“It has been an enormous privilege to take on this role and try to serve and support those in Scotland with bleeding disorders. I hope I have managed to help some people change their lives, even in small parts, for the better.

Given the first ten years of Haemophilia Scotland have included intense involvement in two major public Inquiries into infected blood, work with Government on developing the Scottish support schemes and trying to secure the best possible services for those with bleeding disorders it has also been a testing, exhausting, harrowing and prolonged experience. I have however gained a privileged insight into the lives of the many affected and enjoyed remarkable support from those involved.

I look forward to working with John as we transition the role of Chair.  John will take on role of chair with my full support.  As Treasurer he has done a truly first-rate job getting our finances into a much better position.”

The new Co-Chair John Dearden added: –

“Bill remains as committed as ever to putting to right the impact of the infected blood disaster, in so far as that is possible.  Our members should have no concerns that we are losing Bill’s involvement in this area.  I am pleased to help Bill to reduce his commitments and look forward to working with our board and members in taking Haemophilia Scotland forward as we address new challenges such as new treatment options and maintaining the services our members need and deserve.”


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