Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme (SIBSS) and COVID-19

We have received a reply from the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme about some queries that were made regarding the impact of coronavirus to the Scheme.

1. Are discretionary payment reviews being put on hold?
For as long as the SIBSS office is open, they will still be able to review any forms that they receive. The SIBSS staff are deemed essential workers so are continuing to work throughout this crisis.

2. If people have a change in their circumstances, are you able to act to reassess them if they find themselves in need at this time?
Yes. It is possible to do so by emailing SIBSS who will be able to process any changes.

3. Is there an annual update to the base payments considering we are reaching the end of the financial year?

Category Current Payment 2020-2021 Payment with 1.7% increase
HCV Stage 2 £27,000 £27,459
HCV Stage 2 (Widows) £20,250 £20,594
HCV Stage 1 – Moderately affected £6,300 £6,407
HCV Stage 1 – Moderate (Widows) £4,725 £4,805
HCV Stage 1 – Severely affected £18,900 £19,221
HCV Stage 1 – Severe (Widows) £14,175 £14,416
Coinfected £37,000 £37,629
Coinfected (Widows) £27,750 £28,222
HIV £27,000 £27,459
HIV (Widows) £20,250 £20,594

4. Are there any other points you feel we could communicate on your behalf?
If anyone has not received COVID-19 advice from SIBSS, then contact them by email and they will send you a copy.

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