Message from LPCH regarding Sharps Bins

We recently received an update from LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare clarifying that they will still collect sharps bins. You can read the update here.

LPCH offer their sincere apologies over any upset caused by the communication that went out last week saying they will no longer be collecting sharps bins. They have since issued a message confirming that they will continue to collect sharps bins. The message reads below:

We have introduced double bagging for the return of medical devices and equipment to reduce the chance of all avoidable cross contamination, based on concerns raised by patients and seeking assurance that we don’t spread contamination between households. In response, we developed a new SOP with the relevant training as well as sourcing all the required bags to employ these new infection control measures. We wanted to pilot this process to embed the process and skillset before expanding to include sharp bins, which was always our goal. We never had the intention to indefinitely stop collecting yellow sharp bins but appreciate this has not been perceived the way we intended it to be. In summary, normal service and collection will resume from the 29th April onwards.


Are LPCH going to be able to collect my sharps bin?

Yes. If your yellow or purple lidded sharps bin is filled to the recommended level and you require a collection please ask your driver to take the bin on your next planned delivery or alternatively, please contact us to book a collection.

Are LPCH able to collect medicines, medical devices or medical equipment?

LPCH will continue to make collections as required. Please contact Patient Services to book a collection.


Why are you double bagging or shrink-wrapping collections?

The process of double bagging or shrink-wrapping is introduced to all patient collections to reduce the chance of cross contamination between people and surfaces. This is a measure to protect yourself as well as drivers in reducing the chance of virus spread.

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