Good dental care is essential for everyone. Taking good care of your teeth, mouth and gums (oral hygiene) is important to reduce the risk of dental problems. Although many people feel anxious about seeing the dentist, regular visits will ensure that any problems can be identified and treated early, preventing more complex problems later on.

People with bleeding disorders may experience a greater degree of tooth decay. This usually occurs due to an avoidance of attending the dentist rather than due to the bleeding disorder itself.

If you have a bleeding disorder, looking after your teeth, mouth and gums is especially important. Poor dental health can lead to gum disease, which can cause bleeding problems and tooth loss that could otherwise have been avoided. Preventing dental problems is essential to oral care, and neglecting oral health leads to pain and swelling. Emergency visits are difficult to access, so DO NOT wait until you are in pain to see your dentist. A successful preventative routine will reduce the need for treatment and should reduce the number of emergency visits.


Dental care for adults with a bleeding disorder

Dental care for children with a bleeding disorder (coming 2024)


The information on dentistry on our webpage has come from our friends at The Haemophilia Society. This information is also available in a downloadable booklet format here: Dental care for adults with a bleeding disorder (PDF)