Q: Do I need treatment before I see a dentist?

A: Depending on your diagnosis you may require treatment before surgery to raise the concentration of the missing factor sufficiently. Discuss your treatment options with your haemophilia before any dental procedure.

Your centre may prescribe Tranexamic acid tablets and/or mouthwash are normally prescribed before and after dental procedures. Tranexamic acid prevents blood clots from breaking down and helps to stop bleeding. Prescribed medication must be taken as instructed.

Q: What happens if I need a tooth extracted?

A: This must always be co-ordinated by your Haemophilia Centre. They will arrange this with you/your dentist and will advise about the need for factor replacement therapy based on the severity of your bleeding disorder. Tranexamic acid tablets and/or mouthwash are also normally prescribed before and after the extraction. In addition, the dentist may stitch the wound and use a special surgical pack to stop any bleeding.

Q: Can I use my local dentist?

A: Yes, you can use your local dentist for most of your dental care. Many of us like getting a full range of dental care in a convenient location. Your local dentist may be able to do many aspects of treatment. However, this depends on two things; the severity of your condition and type of dental treatment you need.

Q: My gums continue to bleed despite brushing regularly?

A: If your gums continue to bleed, then seek advice from your dentist. Your dentist might recommend methods for brushing and cleaning your teeth more effectively.

Q: What should I do in an emergency?

A: Phone your own dentist for advice first or contact NHS direct on 111. If you are not registered or cannot contact an emergency dentist, then phone your Haemophilia Centre for advice.

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