There are so many ways you can get involved in supporting Haemophilia Scotland and the inherited bleeding disorders community in Scotland.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who volunteers their time and expertise to help us achieve more.  We want volunteering opportunities to be open to everyone so can provide training and pay reasonable expenses to support our volunteers.


All of the members of the Haemophilia Scotland Board of Trustees are volunteers.  They are responsible for the charity’s governance and strategy, and for making sure that the charity is administered effectively.

Trustees are elected by our members at our AGM, with four positions elected every year.  The board can also appoint trustees between AGMs but anyone coopted in this way would be asked to stand for election at the next AGM if they wished to continue.

If you’d like to put yourself forward as a trustee please complete the Trustees Nomination Form.

Photography and Video

Recording our events and activities is becoming increasingly important.  Can you help us by volunteering to take photographs or video at our events?  Maybe you have skills as a video editor?

Tell your story

To raise awareness of inherited bleeding disorders, and to support people who are new to our community, we’d like more people to tell their story.  There are lots of ways of doing it.  You could writing a piece for our members’ magazine, The Wire, or if you prefer we could interview you.  We’d love to get video of more people talking about their the impact that bleeding disorders have on their lives and how they overcome any difficulties.


Haemophilia Scotland runs a wide range of events throughout the year.  We are looking for people who can volunteer at these events to help everything run smoothly.  We will involved Events Volunteers at the planning stage of events so they have all the information they need on the day to help everyone get the most out attending.

Patient/Parent Representative

The main forum for patient representation is the Scottish Inherited Bleeding Disorders Network.  There are spaces for patient/parent representatives on all of it’s committees and working groups.

International Meetings

We are actively engaged with the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC).  They run a very good programme of events throughout the year.  These meetings are an excellent way of keeping up to date with changes and challenges for people with inherited bleeding disorders.  Depending on the subject(s) being discussed we often send a volunteer or member of staff to take part in the events and feedback useful information.  If you would be prepared to travel within Europe and write reports and articles on the meetings you attended then volunteering to engage with the EHC maybe for you.

Which areas of volunteering are you interested in?