While you are away

As well as having a good time there are a couple of things it can be sensible to do while you are away.

Medical ID

Wear medical identification information.  There are now a wide range of options to do this.  Many people carry the patient cards issued by their Haemophilia Centre and UKHCDO.  Sometime a identification bracelet can be useful.  The most well-known company is MedicAlert who have a very wide range of choice these days. Make sure you keep your Treatment Card, issued through your Haemophiliac Centre, with you too.  It contains the information that local medical staff will need if there is a problem.

“ ICE gems (in case of emergency) also do good ID bracelets, you don’t need to register with them, just decide what information you want included.”

If you need treatment

If you need treatment while travelling, telephone the treatment centre, using the numbers listed in the WFH’s Global Treatment Centre Directory, before seeking treatment. National haemophilia organizations can also be a source of assistance if needed while travelling. These are also listed in the Global Treatment Centre Directory.

The Global Treatment Centre Directory

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