A friendly reminder about visiting your Haemophilia Centre

The NHS as a whole is under enormous pressure during the pandemic and they are asking us all to work with them to help them manage the situation.

If you are visiting your Haemophilia Centre, it is important for you to turn up on time and not too early or not too late. It makes it difficult for Haemophilia Centre staff to keep everyone safe if people don’t turn up at the agreed time. There are a significant number of people with a bleeding disorder who are shielding and they in particular need the whole community to work with the Centres to help keep them safe if they need to access the centre.

The advice remains the same for visiting your Haemophilia Centre. If you need to go in, make sure you phone up and speak to your Centre beforehand so they can prepare. Although clinics have been cancelled, the Haemophilia Centre staff are still there to answer any queries or discuss any problems you may have in relation to your bleeding disorder.

For more information, visit https://haemophilia.scot/covid19/covid19-haemophilia-centres/

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