Haemophilia Centres

Scotland’s Haemophilia Centres are all taking the risk from coronavirus extremely seriously.  They are focusing on infection control to reduce and delay the spread of COVID-19. The Centres are working hard to keep up to date with the latest advice every day and are adapting how they are working in response.  That means the ways they are working are subject to change with short notice.

If you have a clinic appointment coming up then please make sure that you have spoken to your Centre before they go in.  Increasingly these appointments are being postponed.  The Centres are trying to call you proactively where possible but you can help by calling the Centre yourself if you thing you need to go in for any reason.

When you call you may find the Centre can arrange to avoid the need for you to come in with a telephone appointment or will give you a new date for your appointment.

Whatever you do, please don’t just turn up at your Centre with a problem or to pick up treatment. Even if you are coming in with a bleed, please make sure you have spoken to them first so that you, and the staff, can be protected.

The NHS as a whole is going to be under enormous pressure during the pandemic and they are asking us all to work with them to help them manage the situation.

Haemophilia Scotland is extremely grateful for the dedication and courage of everyone who is working through this crisis to keep Scotland’s Haemophilia Centres open.

Some Scottish Haemophilia Centres have provided us with specific information which you can check by following the links below.

Updated: 25 March 2020

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